Warkings rocken 2019 aufm Acker

To spend eternity in the realms of the gods is the ultimate honor for all brave and courageous warriors. Odin himself selects the warriors worthy of entering his halls. And so these four heroes of war had a very unlikely meeting: a Roman tribune, a savage Nordic warrior, a determined crusader and a lethal Spartan.

Henceforth called the Warkings, pure and unadulterated metal became their religion! On their debut Reborn the fourpiece forges steel in the tradition of such legends as Helloween, Gamma Ray and Manowar – even Debauchery`s very own Butcher couldn`t resist the thrilling and anthemic spirit of the Warkings and joins them in battle on ‘Sparta‘. Epic tunes of war like ‘Give ‘em war‘ and ‘Hephaistos‘ are so infectious even the gods took notice: Valhalla`s gates are wide open!